EMOS International Services

We are International Loans Funding Services.. We assist members of our Associations partners, stakeholders, clients, customers, communities, Governments and private companies’ staff in any part of the world to obtain International Loans Funding for Housing; Agricultural; Business; Commercial; Industrial Investment projects; Financial Aid and Student Loans programs.

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We work with hundreds of the world’s largest Financial Institutions, Banks and Companies in developed countries = Europe; North America; Latin America; USA; South America; Oceania; Pacific; Caribbean; Asia; Middle East; Africa; Nigeria and Worldwide.

Our International Loans Funding Services Department is also responsible for:
- Negotiating contracts with financial Institutions, Banks and Companies worldwide.
- Assessing prospective members. Clients, customers and matching them with financial Institutions, bank for their Loans.
- Providing the details of the Condition to Access the International, Global and National Loans Funding Scheme
- Building relationship of our members, clients with the financial Institutions.
- Act as your Guarantor for the International Loans Worldwide.
- We help in the processing to obtain the International Loans and repayment of the Loans.

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SSome of Our Company’s International Loans Funding Institutions, Banks and Companies Partners:
1. Affordable International Housing mortgage.
Arabian General Investment Authority funding your business. 3. ANZ Business loan.
4. Business USA.
5. Chinese Financiers International Rivers.
6. Deutsche Bank – Luxembourg.
7. EDFI – European development finance institutions.
8. EDU – PASS.
9. Finance for low-income housing and community development.
10. Federal Government of Nigeria – National Housing Fund loan scheme.
11. Federal Government of Nigeria – Public Private Partnership scheme for Housing.
12. Global Loan Opportunities.
13. International Funding Housing Finance.
14. International Mortgage Net.
15. International Mortgage HSBC.
16. International Bank for Reconstruction and development.
17. International Projects Finance – British Petro.
18. International Financial Corporation World Bank group.
19. International Financial Institutions loans.
20. International Funding.
21. International Financial Aids.
22. International Financing your Education.
23. International Student loans.
24. International Student Loans without Cosigner.
25. Institutional and International Banking Emirates NBD Bank.
26. Inspire Innovate Invest – In0- 3 Finance Loan Services.
27. Karl Winfurtner KFW International Financing Loans
28. Nigeria Mortgage refinances Company PLC.
29. Nigeria Agricultural Entrepreneurs and Agro Farming Loans scheme.
30. Nigeria Agricultural Credit Support Scheme – ACSS.
31. Nigeria Agricultural Guarantee Scheme Fund.
32. Federal of Agricultural Commodity Association of Nigeria.
33. Nigeria Small and Medium Enterprises Equity Investment Loans Scheme.
34. Overseas Mortgage – Get a Mortgage aboard in one of 68 countries.
35. Overseas Investment Loans.
36. Pacific Funding International.
37. PLG Capital Fund Group LLC
38. Propertymart Real Estate Investment Limited.
39. SBA Loans A Prime.
40. Sotheby’s International Realty.
41.SHARE .Agricultural Foundation.
42. UN-Habitat Housing Strategy.
43 Oikocredit International
44 Euro Capital
45 European Investment Bank
46 AAY Investment Group
47 IMCI Group International Limited
48 Gilies Gerard Merchant
50 New World Funding
51 International Loans Consultants
52 International Finance Corporation

If you need our services, print our free Service Application Registration Form now from our Website:- www. Emosinternational.com fill it and send it to us; Email :- info@emosinternational.com or jossyemoghwanre20@gmail.com or WhatsApp. Jossy Emoghwanre. 08056734118 for immediate action.

EMOS Professional Services

If you need our professional services, Print our Application Form now from this Website fill it and send it to us for immediate action.


With experience of working with Government bodies, Local Authorities, corporate occupiers, and private landowners.


We specialize in developing and offering professional advice on all the above services; dealing with the complexities of multiple—party interest and site constraints.


Before undertaking any work with you, we gain an in-depth understanding of your business objective to help identify the best mix of services for you.


Our growth strategy allows us to remain focused on doing the right things for our clients, our people, our community and our shareholders every day.