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We are International Importer and Exporter Services. We provide superior Importer, Exporter and Logistics. We specialize in eliminating barriers and creating personal solutions for your cross border logistics. We do International logistics, customs clearance and local transportation.

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Our Import and Export Services - Is geared towards providing the unique first class consulting service that will help you have a successful import and export business.

Our drive is to provide the best service to our client through efficient product sourcing directly from manufacturers, import – export documentation, compile carrier and route assignment, compute international fees for each shipment, custom services, clearing quotes, sourcing wholesalers and keep track of shipment and other payments.

Our International Trade Finance Services - Helps to facilitate international trade by finding the cash flow “gap” that business involved in importing or exporting products often deal with.

Importers will often find that suppliers demand full payment prior to shipping a consignment can of goods, and may require a deposit paid upfront before manufacturing commences.

Export of money orders, on the other hand, may require a upfront funding to cover the period of time between shipment and cash receipt. Specialist trade products can help in both of these situations.

Our Trade Finance Loan Facility – Are short –term Loans specifically designed to fund cash flow gaps associated with International trade transactions. A typical trade finance contract will incorporate individual advances (for discrete shipment) under an overall limit set by the bank.

Each advance will have a tenor of between 30 – 180 days, of codependent upon the expected timing difference between your supplier payment and receipt of cash from the on-sale of the goods (importer) or between shipment and receipt of payment from your overseas customer (exporter) .Trade Finance Loans are available in a range of foreign currencies.

We assist our clients with Documentary Letter of Credit — A Letter of Credit will often be accepted by a supplier in lieu of an upfront cash deposit. The letter is opened by the Importer ‘s bank at the request of their client, and represents an irrevocable promise to pay the supplier’s bank a certain amount money subject to receipt of a specific set of documents.

Generally these documents will include an invoice for the goods and a bill of landing, and sometime also an inspection certificate, certificate of origin or insurance documents.

Letters of Credit are often used in conjunction with a trade Finance Loan facility, so when the bank pays the supplier it can simply draw up a trade Finance loan rather than seek immediate payment from their client.

Export Credit Insurance protects an exporter of products and service against rist of non-payment by a foreign buyer. ECI significantly reduces the payment rist associated with doing business internationally by giving the exporter conditionally assurance that payment will be made if the foreign is unable to pay.

The insurance usually covers commercial rist such as buyer insolvency, bankruptcy or default It usually covers some political rists as well, including war, terrorism, riots, revolution, currency inconvertibility expropriation, and changes in import and export regulations.

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