EMOS International Services

We are International Consulting Engineers that specializes in the Design and Implementation of Sustainable Business Practice documents—such as policy statements; position paper; guidelines; Training Manuals; and Training resource kits in the areas of Management Systems {quality management, risk management, business integrity management, environment management sustainability} Business Processes {Consultant selection, quality based selection, tendering, procurement, insurance, liability, technology transfer, capacity building}.

Service Application

1(b) We also design and implement Healthcare and Pharmaceutical; Logistics services; Plants optimization; Piping and Instrumentation Drawings; Chemical Process; Petrochemical and Renewables; Building Modular Refinery; Pretreatment Process; Chemical Analysts Expert; Oil & Gas Refinery Simulation; Process Engineering; (P&ID) and Plant Design Engineering; Extractivr Industries; Agric-Business; Agro-processing.
2 We partners with clients to take their most complex challenges and pioneer innovation solutions that make a positive lasting impact.
3 We are trusted advisors—planners; designers engineers; consultants; program and construction managers delivering professional services spanning cities; transportation; buildings; water; new energy; and the environment.
4 We work throughout our project life cycle. We’re one team driven by a common purpose to deliver a better world.
5 We are a seasoned team of real Estate and Infrastructure Investment professionals, backed by operational and investment expertise.
6 We are Design engineering and Advisory Company that brings Ideas to life to create a better future for people and the planet.
7 We imagine a better tomorrow; create a better world with engineering excellence that has humanity at its heart.
From the seed of an Idea to better outcome, we collaborate with our clients to bring Idea to life.
8 Our clients Ideas and aspiration drive all that we do.
9 We have a range of unique creative processes and engineering skills. We collaborate with our clients to re-imagine, shape and design a better future.
10 We Eminence – being the master of our crafts and being renewed for them. We seek to be master Engineering Practitioners who speak with Authority, bring unique solutions to our clients challenges are recognized for advancing our profession
11 We are committed to upholding International engineering health and safety standards at every level of our organization.
12 Our expertise in toxicology, engineering testing, standards, supply chain management, technology, regulatory compliance and project facilitation can bring your company; product and brand improve performance safety and quality recognition.
13 We deliver exceptional commercial office, residential design solution.
14 We partner with our clients to design smarter environments that are intelligent and influential.
15 We incorporate our architectural and interior design disciplines seamlessly for dynamic inside – out, outside – in approach to the built environment.
16 Our structural engineers have explored the full potential of robotil welding to create complex structures.
17 Our creativity and our clients ambition – We bring together Architecture engineering and an ever – expanding roster of specialisms, our philosophy of Total Design has been at the heat of our most ambitious work.
18 We provide Acoustic consulting services for projects.
19 We provide Facade Engineering inputs during the pre and post tender stages, and to build the model prior to development by our specialist Façade contractor.
20 We also performed the technical assessment and inspection of the Façade during fabrication, production and installation.
21 Our professional team demonstrates precision in Digita design which helped to improve the geometry and remove discrepancies from what’s designed to what’s built.
22 As a growing dynamic organization, Emos International Consulting Engineers seek to combine traditional, previously executed and proven methods along with the latest science technological advances in order to produce the best sustainable and cost effective solution consistent with the demands of today world
23 We are Chemical Engineering Consultants.
We deal with Plant Optimization, Chemical Process Piping, and Instrumentation Drawings, {P&ID}, and Plant Design Engineering. 24 We optimize units of operation and make them more efficient for your Modular Refinery, Chemical Plant or Pharmaceutical Industry.
25 We help in Front – End Loading {FEL} and Front – End Engineering Design {FEED} Conceptual Planning, simulation and schematic Design for your Oil & Gas Refinery, Natural Gas Refinery and Pharmaceuticals.
26 We will give you sufficient data and information with which you can address risks, manage them and make decisions to commit resources in order to maximize profits from your establishment.


1 Design Deliverables
2 Architecture and Design
3 Construction Management
4 Converged Resilience
5 Engineering
6 Environment Services
7 IT and Cyber security
8 Planning and Consulting
9 Program Management
10 Remediation, Restoration and Redevelopment
11 Air Quality Consulting and Engineering
12 Cities Solutions
13 Urban Design
14 Geospatial Services
15 Urbanism + Planning
16 Climate Adaptation
17 Infrastructure Investment Capital
18 Simulation Models
19 Cost Management Consultants
20 Pedestrian Modeling
21 Ground Engineering
22 Economics
23 Plant Optimization
24 Chemical Process
25 Piping and Instrumentation Drawings
26 {P&ID} and Plant Design Engineering
27 Building Modular Refinery
28 Pretreatment Processes
29 Process Engineering
30 Chemical Process Expert
31 Chemical Analysts Expert
32 Oil & Gas Refinery Simulation
33 Piping & Instrumentation
34 Manufacturing
35 Agric-Businvess
36 Agro-processving
37 Extractive Industries
38 Petrochemicals and Renewables
39 Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
40 Logistics Services
41 Trade-related Infrastructure
42 Climate Adaptation
43 Process Technologies
44 Public – Private Partnership
45 Landscape Architecture

46 Remediation, Restoration and Redevelopment
47 Fabrication
48 Interior Architecture
49 Electrical Contracting
50 Environment Contracting
51 Legacy Foundations
52 Visualization and Virtual Reality
53 Tunnels, Trenchless Technology and Underground Infrastructure
54 Asset Advisory
55 Strategy Plus
56 Rail Simulations
57 Subsea Engineering/Pipeline Engineering
58 Total Quality Assurance Expertise Provider (Testing, Inspection and Certification of Products).
59 Structural Engineering
60 Aerial / Ground Survey / GIS / Services / Underground Radar
61 Civil Work and Water Resource Planning
62 Marine Engineering and Inspections
63 Construction Services and Inspections
64 Civil Engineering
65 High Voltage
66 Utility Management 67 surveying Services
68 Aviation Planning & Design
69 Bridge / Structure Design
70 CE&I Services
71 Foundation Testing
72 Geotechnical Engineering
73 Hydrology / Hydraulic Design
74 Port Engineering / Civil Site Design
75 Roadway / Highway Design
76 Traffic Engineering
77 Utility Coordination
78 Concrete Engineering (Bridges)
79 Large Span Roofs for Stadiums, Buildings and Structures
80 Electromechanical
81 Drilling, Well Engineering and Management Solutions
82 Quantity Surveying
83 Tail / Commercial Buildings
84 Freight & Logistics
85 Hydropower / Dams Solutions


1 International Federation of Consulting Engineers {FIDIC}
2 International Consulting Engineers {I.C.E}
3 International Engineering Consultants
4 International Consulting Engineers {BNamericas}
5 Urban Design
6 Manitoba Hydro International
7 ICE. Infrastructure, Consulting & Engineering
8 AK Process & Project Engineering
9 Arkiteknik International Consulting Engineers
11 SCS Engineers
12 Aurecon Australian International
13 International Engineering Consultants Co. Ltd.
14 m2e Consulting Engineers
15 Mahab Ghodss International Consulting Engineering Co.
16 Greenland International Consulting Engineers
17 Add Energy
18 GRID – International Consulting Engineers – Associated
19 FICE Florida International Consulting Engineers
20 SICE Saad International Consultant Engineers
21 KEO International Consultants

24 ICME International AG
25 SMEC / Professional Engineering
26 BG&E / Opportunities
28 Royal Haskoning DHV Engineering
31 ACE
32 Myanmar International Consulting Engineers {MICE}
34 MEP Engineering
36 Geosyntec Consultants
36 EHAF Consulting Engineers
37 Mott MacDonald: Global Engineering
40 ECA
41 ILF – Consulting Engineers
42 MOE Consulting Engineers
43 Altorath International Engineers Consultants
44 Bule Quartz International Consulting Engineers and Project Managers
45 Nurizon Consulting Engineers

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EMOS Professional Services

If you need our professional services, Print our Application Form now from this Website fill it and send it to us for immediate action.


With experience of working with Government bodies, Local Authorities, corporate occupiers, and private landowners.


We specialize in developing and offering professional advice on all the above services; dealing with the complexities of multiple—party interest and site constraints.


Before undertaking any work with you, we gain an in-depth understanding of your business objective to help identify the best mix of services for you.


Our growth strategy allows us to remain focused on doing the right things for our clients, our people, our community and our shareholders every day.