EMOS International Services

We are International Agricultural = Farming and Agric-Business Development Organization that specializes in the design and implementation of sustainable enterprise-base Agricultural initiatives.

Service Application

2 We work with Businesses; Foundations; Governments and Communities to build customized local and global partnership to meet the world’s growing demand for food.
3 We are cultivating new Frontiers in Farming and Agriculture
4.We partner with Farmers to help maximize farm profitability through progressive farming techniques.
5 We design and develops solutions and partnerships that accounts for the dynamic nature of global issues.
6 Our Sustainability – The core of our Agriculture business is delivering solution more efficiently, both today and tomorrow.
Sustainability is more important, than ever to consumers, to communities, to all of us. We will always sought to make your operations more efficient, in order to help you grow business and conserve resources for future generation. We are committed to helping the world thrive. We are made up of team of Industry professional and Partners with roots in Agriculture and a passion for sustainable Farming and Agric-Businesses
7 We bring a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation to Farm projects around the world through our Partnership for sustainable Businesses.
8 We take on the world urgent and complex challenges , delivering evidence-based solutions that empower the disadvantaged increase economic opportunity and sustain bature resources.
9 We invest in long-term partnership and exporting quality with outstanding service.
10 We promote research to stimulate production chain diversification to satisfy the needs of our customers.
11 We specialize in producing, acquiring and supplying high quality food products.
12 We are committed to Leadership development, long-term relationship. effective Management, open Communication and Teamwork.
13 We bring Food; Agricultural Financial and Industrial products to the people who need them all around the world.
14 We develop market systems that connect farmers and small businesses to viable income-generating opportunities.
15 Partnership for sustainable Businesses – We partner with numerous companies across a range of development goals and business objective including education, environment, sustainability and agricultural productivity.
16 We stimulate economic growth and improve livelihoods by cultivating entrepreneurship in food production.
17 We see business partnership as a means to further economic opportunity throughout the world, empowering local commerce while enabling globa trade.
18 We applies some our fundamental program principles across our Global portfolio:-
(a) Market Driven – We provide Access to Market and Finance.
(b) Result Focused – We deliver direct Demonstrable outcome.
(c) Science Based – We apply the Best available science to solve problems.
(d) Locally owned – Our solutions are developed with and sustained by those we serve .


1 Buy Products
2 Exporting
3 Fellowships and Exchanges
4 Food Security
5 Market Developments Programmed
6 Production & Sustainability
7 Trade Mission
8 Trade Policy
9 Trade Shows
10 Food Assistance program
11 Import Program
12 Export Financing Program
13 Grant for Agriculture and Food Security
14 Blended Financing Solutions and Concessional Funding with our Partners to support Farmers and their organizations

15 Technical expertise with entrepreneurial Innovation
16 Investment and Advisory Service
17 Agricultural and Farm Loans
18 Equity Investment
19 Trade and Commodity Finance
20 Derivative and Structure Finance
21 Infrastructure
22 Manufacturing
23 Agric-Businesses and Forestry
24 Financial Market
25 Animal Nutrition
26 Aquaculture Industry
27 Food – Service
28 Research and Innovation


1 Winrock International
2 Cargul
3 CNFA (International Farming)
4 Nintex
5 Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA)
6 International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
7 Globa Agricultural and Food Security Program (GAFSP)
8 Agricultural Services International
9 Pricewaterhouse Coopers Limited
10 International Farm Management Association
15 International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
16 The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
17 International Finance Corporation (IFC)
18 Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS)
19 International Farming
20 International Agricultural Development service (IADS)

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EMOS Professional Services

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With experience of working with Government bodies, Local Authorities, corporate occupiers, and private landowners.


We specialize in developing and offering professional advice on all the above services; dealing with the complexities of multiple—party interest and site constraints.


Before undertaking any work with you, we gain an in-depth understanding of your business objective to help identify the best mix of services for you.


Our growth strategy allows us to remain focused on doing the right things for our clients, our people, our community and our shareholders every day.