About Us

EMOS International

In 1974 EMOMENSCO and Company of Nigeria and EMOMENCO and Company of Nigeria (now known as EMOS International) were Registered with the Federal Government of Nigeria number 209926 and 208206 and in 1989; 1992 and 2007 we entered into Consultancy Partnership with Nigerian Agricultural = Housing and Industrial Saving and Loan Fund Association; NNPC Workers Housing Savings and Loans Fund Association and UNTH Workers Housing Savings and Loans Fun-d Association Registered with the Government of Nigeria to create a Global, International and National Loans Trust Fund.

We also offer services in:
  • International Architectural Engineers and Interior Designers.
  • Consultancy and Agency for International Housing and General Construction Designing, Planning, Financing.
  • General Construction Management.
  • Builders and Estate Developers.
  • International Legality of Lands and Commercial Property Consultants.
  • International Loans Funding Consultants.
  • International Industrial and Work Based Experience Learning / Training Consultants.
  • International Constructions’ Estimate Costs of Materials and Human resources.
  • International Farming and Agricultural Consultants.
  • International Consulting Engineers.
  • International Importer and Exporter Consultants.
  • International Sales and Marketing of Building, Agricultural, Electrical Materials Consultants.
  • International Industrial Investment Financing Consultants.
  • International Savings and Loans Fund Associations Consultants.
  • International Housing Mortgage; Agricultural; Business; Commercial; Industrial investment Loans Funding Consultant